Allergy Alert Label Pack


Children all across America suffer with allergies and various allergic reactions. This is never easy to manage especially as children are constantly on the move, from school and sports days to parties and sleepovers. We can never be sure when they could come into contact with an allergen or be stung by a bee at a friend's house.

Our super cute allergy label pack helps teachers, friends and parents know that your child has an allergy and when an urgent response might be needed!

Choose from any of our super cute allergy label packs: Dairy Allergy, Bee Allergy, Egg Allergy, Fish Allergy, Nuts Allergy, Shellfish Allergy and Wheat Allergy!

All our allergy alert labels come in various sizes and are extremely versatile, you can use them on medical containers, lunch boxes, books, on the back of bag tags or even on stationery. These allergy alert labels are made from our high-quality vinyl so they are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and freezer resistant!

This pack consists of the following:

  • 9 Large allergy stickers
  • 15 Medium allergy stickers
  • 12 Small allergy stickers
  • 7 Round allergy icon stickers

Total of 43 allergy stickers!

Perfect for: Juice bottles, lunch boxes, electronic devices, stationery, pencil cases, books or anything with a clean dry flat surface!