About Us

Get to know us:

We specialize in printing personalized labels and have done so internationally since 2008. In 2021 we partnered with an American team to print the worlds best labels right here in the USA.

What we believe in:

We believe kids' labels should be great quality at affordable prices. We are a fun & friendly online company with a passionate hard working team.

We have a label for everything!

Get Back2School or off to camp with our wrap around pen & pencil labels, book labels, stick on clothing labels, shoe labels, mini labels, general-purpose labels, waterproof labels, bags, bottles, mugs, gift & reward stickers!

Our Beautiful Designer Color Label range is waterproof and safe to use for kids of all ages. Because we know how much you have on your plate, we want to save you the trouble of spending hours on searching in weird and wonderful spots at school and around the house for lost clothing and stationery items. Labeling all items your child takes to school will reduce those germy mix-ups that can happen with identical school items.