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Custom Teacher Labels

School and Camp Labels

Happy Rainbow 1
Happy Rainbow 2
Happy Rainbow 3
Happy Rainbow 4
Happy Rainbow Mix
African Safari 1
African Safari 2
African Safari 3
African Safari 4
African Safari Mix
Animal Friends 1
Animal Friends 2
Animal Friends 3
Animal Friends 4
Animal Friends Mix
Clementine 1
Clementine 2
Clementine 3
Clementine 4
Clementine Mix

Our personalized merit labels are the most adorable addition to every teacher's top drawer. Add that personal touch to your reward stickers with any of our sweet themes.

Choose from:

Variations 1 - 4: Each with 4 different sayings
Mix Pack: With over 40 sayings

This pack consists of 2 A4 sheets. That's a total of 96 color teacher's stickers.